Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's a Tall Order....

This comes from Donna Pechie, one of our board members and the prayer coordinator for PrayBC. This story inspired me and she's given me her permission to share it with you.

As you know, Sunday was British Columbia's 150th birthday and the Snowbirds were here to put on a show. As I was walking my dog through Royal Roads University and having a devotion time with the Lord all of a sudden I heard the thunderous roar of the engines over head. I gazed upward hoping and praying I would see them and as I came into a clearing my prayer was answered and they flew in prefect formation over my head. It actually took my breath away and made my heart beat faster. The Snowbirds remind me of 'tall orders', of the impossible, and of God's heart to see his children rejoice when he gives them the desires of their hearts.

Why the Snowbirds you ask? We have to go back to October 1991 when our son was turning 7. We had been to all the air shows that summer as a family and he loved the Snowbirds. He had gotten many of their autographs and posters. So for his 7th birthday when I asked him what he wanted, he looked at me and said "Can we have the Snowbirds come to my party"!

I looked at him in disbelief not realizing that for a 7 year old it wasn't too much to ask. " As I looked at his little freckled face all I could say was "Well that is a pretty tall order sonny" and with that I let it be.

Well October 18th arrived and all his little rambunctious friends ran rampant around the house. I had made pin the tale on the lizard for them to play and we went out into the backyard with lizard tails in hand. Then on a perfect sunny day as we gathered for the game there was this great thunder coming from the heavens. We all stood in the back yard gazing up to see what all the noise was about and then in perfect divine formation the SNOW BIRDS FLEW OVER HEAD!!!! Not over the neighbors house to the right, not over the neighbors house the left, but in perfect formation over our house. Then they circled and did it one more time!!!

All of a sudden a lil red headed boy ran and wrapped his arms around me and proclaimed "Thanks mom you're the best mom ever"! I stood jaw slacked and new that our Great God served up one little boy"s Tall Order. He did the impossible because he loves to make our day, to give us the desires of our hearts and show how much he loves us.

But there is something more, it shows us that Tall Orders are easy for God, that nothing is too difficult no matter how absurd it may seem to us. HE MOVES MOUNTAINS, HE SENDS THE NOWBIRDS! You may have some Tall Orders today that seem impossible and unattainable, but as I stood on BC's birthday with the Snowbirds flying over head, God reminded me of Tall Orders, of how much he loves us that he is watching over our children and moving mountains for them. That is why I was breathless with a pounding heart, because the vocabulary of God is everywhere and always flying in perfect formation reminding us of his greatness.

Go ahead and ask God for the impossible put in your Tall Order (he doesn't mind, he loves to fill them)