Tuesday, December 2, 2008

History in The Making

Most Canadians are shocked and bewildered at what is happening in Ottawa. The most common words I hear are 'Shocking' and 'Unbelievable' and I'm inclined to agree. In a time when our nation needs strong leadership and government, we are being faced with the prospect of a coalition government.

This is an historic moment in our nation. But.... it's a moment that God knew would appear AND it's also a moment for the Church to rise to the occasion and to assume our proper place as priest and intercessor on behalf of the nation.

As I write this, there's a book on my desk called 'Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting'. It's filled with examples of God intervening in current events in response to His people coming before Him in prayer. It seems to me that our best response as the Church is not outrage or indignation over what we see transpiring in Ottawa. Our best response is a posture of humility and brokeness where we ask the King of Kings to intervene in our political chaos for the sake of our nation.

It's to that end that we are encouraging our friends and prayer partners to give themselves to prayer in response to the current political crisis. We are providing the following prayer points as a resource to provide clarity and focus as you pray. These come courtesy of the National House of Prayer.

1. Pray for Governor-General Michaelle Jean as she consults with her advisors about the key decisions she needs to make in the days ahead. Pray that she would ultimately be guided by the Holy Spirit.

2. Pray for public calm and safety. Strong emotions are being stirred up by this crisis. Let's pray that as various demonstrations take place that peace and order would be observed and no violence would erupt that might cause personal injury or property damage. Pray that the potential divisions and alienation that could deepen in our land would actually be addressed and healed at this time. We have had many calls from people who are concerned about separatism in different parts of the country.

3. Pray that God's good purposes would be accomplished during this difficult "shaking" process. Pray that all party leaders and members would learn and grow through this crisis. Ask the Father to thwart every attempt that the enemy is trying to use to harm our nation and its governance. Pray that every dark motive and plan would be exposed, especially back room deals and hidden agendas that would feed self-interest and not our nation's greater good.

4. Pray for each of the party leaders that they would resist the lust for power and would approach their duties with humility and true servanthood. Let's intercede that each one would be able to receive godly wisdom and act in a responsible manner. Pray that righteousness and justice would prevail.

5. Pray for the media and all the "pundits" who are seen and heard in the various news agencies and networks, that they would be careful to represent the truth and not take advantage of the situation. Ask the Father to make this a time of maturing for everyone involved in the media as well.

6. Pray for our nation's economy and for good leadership through 2009 as we navigate our way through the global economic crisis along with the other nations of the world. Pray that all parties would understand how their decisions are affecting average Canadians and their economic health.

7. Pray for the emergence of a stronger and healthier democracy in our land as we move through this political uncertainty. Pray that all Canadians would realize the importance of their participation in the democratic process, especially the younger generation that needs to be engaged more fully.

8. Pray for all our members of Parliament, that a spirit of unity would emerge out of this fractured time. Especially pray for the Speaker of the House - the honourable Peter Milliken as he presides over the debates. Pray that M.P.s who are followers of Jesus Christ would set a higher tone and be exemplary in their conduct and conversation.

9. Pray for the "average Canadian" who is generally ill-informed and therefore reliant on the media for their perceptions. Pray that truth would prevail and that apathy or a spirit of resignation would be lifted from the general public. Intercede that the people would not become demoralized or cynical about the political realm.

10. Let's pray for a revival of prayer to come upon the Church in Canada. Pray that believers would rise to the challenge of the hour, and that a spirit of prayer would come upon us as we stand on guard for our nation in its hour of need.

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