Friday, July 3, 2009

MLA: Doug Donaldson - Stikine

Father in heaven, we bring before you Doug Donaldson, MLA for Stikine.

Lord Jesus, you know Doug comes from an area of unsurpassed beauty and brings with him, not only the needs of his people, but represents the land in that part of our province.

Father, we ask that you will anoint him with strength, wisdom and purity, causing other members to raise their sights, as when an eagle soars overhead. We ask that he will bring into the Legislature the constant reminder that we have been given a gift in British Columbia's beauty, and that we are responsible to be wise in our treatment of that gift. Give him insight, Lord, that he is able to see the outcome of seemingly harmless plans, and we ask that, even though in Opposition, his voice will come through as clear as a flute, bringing joy and clarity, causing eyes to be lifted upwards in debates and legislations, that your purposes for this beautiful province be truly sought and followed.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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