Monday, December 7, 2009

MLA Shane Simpson - Vancouver Hastings

Our heavenly Father, today our prayer is for MLA Shane Simpson, to bless him in his role as Environment Critic in the Legislature.

Shane works hard to implement change for the betterment of his constituents in his riding, so, Dear Lord, we pray You will continue to grant him favour and wisdom in the workplace. Grant him success as he endeavors to bring about the needed changes.

We pray a blessing of protection and good health on his family, as Shane carries out the duties of his position.

Shane Simpson was elected as the MLA for Vancouver Hastings on May 17, 2005 and again on May 12, 2009.

Shane serves as Opposition Critic for Environment.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Shane has lived, worked, and engaged in community-building activities in East Vancouver for more than 35 years.

In his professional career, Shane has worked as the Director of Policy and Communications for Smart Growth BC, Chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission, Instructor in the Community Economic Development program at Simon Fraser University, Executive Director of the Worker Ownership Resource Center, Legislative Coordinator for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, coordinator and fundraiser for the Ray Cam Cooperative Center, executive assistant to former Vancouver East MP Margaret Mitchell, and as a self-employed consultant on business and economic development for labour, co-operative and non-profit groups.

Shane was the recipient of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for his contribution to community in 2002. In 1992, he was awarded the Governor General's 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for Community Service.

Shane, his partner Cate Jones and their daughter Shayla, live in the Burrardview neighbourhood of Vancouver Hastings

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