Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MLA Rob Howard Richmond Centre

Dearest Heavenly Father, we bring Rob Howard to You today and ask for Your guiding hand to be on his life as he represents the people of Richmond Centre. Use his experience as a City Councillor and proponent in financial matters to the benefit of our province in a way pleasing unto You. Direct the same enthusiasm he brings to his volunteer positions to the position entrusted to him as a leader and shaper of our province. May his ears be open to hear you and may he conduct all his affairs with integrity and honour.

Rob Howard was elected as the MLA for Richmond Centre in 2009.

Rob has served as President of Tourism Richmond, was co-Chair of the Vancouver chapter of the Real Estate Institute of BC and has served on the board of the Richmond Caring Place Society and the Heritage Commission. During his time on Richmond City Council, he chaired several committees including the Finance and Community Safety Committees.
Rob was the driving force behind the Richmond Airport Vancouver Rapid Transit Task Force and was a strong proponent of the City’s long-term financial plan. During his time as City Councilor, he was also deeply involved in the Asia Pacific Strategy.

Along with his wife Trudy and son Jay, Rob enjoys giving back to the community in which he has spent his life. Together, they have spent 12 years volunteering, assisting, coaching and running tournaments for the Richmond Minor Hockey Association.

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