Sunday, April 17, 2011

MLA Lana Popham - Saanich South

Heavenly Father we are grateful, for MLA. Lana Popham who carries out her role as Opposition Critic for Agriculture and Lands with excellence. Her feel for the environment and the people in Saanich South is evident, in the innovative changes already made in the area of recycling and ways to benefit the environment in other areas as well.

Grant her wisdom and insight for the complex problems we face to-day , in making choices for the best use of agricultural land in this province.

We pray earnestly, You will keep her, family in good health , protected by Your love , and relationships with one another strong and whole.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Lana Popham was elected as a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for the Constituency of Saanich South on May 12, 2009.

She is also the New Democratic Opposition Critic for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Lana was raised on Quadra Island and has an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia.

Lana has an extensive track record as a community leader, advocate and environmental activist. For example, her recent contributions include being a:

Member of Saanich's Planning, Transportation and Economic Development Committee,

President the Vancouver Island Grape Growers Association,

Chair of the Certification Committee for the Islands Organic Producers Association,

Commissioner on the Peninsula Agricultural Commission, and a

Voting Member of the Agri-Food Initiative Advisory Committee.

In late 2007, Lana launched a campaign called “Think Outside the Bag” to reduce the use of disposable bags. While initially dismissed by cynics, in less than two years this campaign has helped to dramatically change how consumers use plastic bags and contributed to a sea change with many grocery stores and other retailers no longer offering them.

Lana has lived in Saanich South since 1996. She is married to Jon Popham, a fire-fighter, and has one young son. The family owns and operates Barking Dog Vineyard, the first certified organic vineyard on Vancouver Island.

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