Thursday, August 4, 2011

MLA: Hon. Mary McNeil - Vancouver-False Creek

As we pray for Hon. MLA Mary McNeill to-day, we are aware of the importance of the Minister of Children and Family Development portfolio she has been entrusted with that deals with one of our most valuable treasures of this province. We pray she will be blessed with Your Divine wisdom to help her daily in this responsible service to families as she seeks to provide wholesome environments and to discern and meet the needs of the children of this province. We pray You will give her futuristic vision as she meets the challenge of coping with this ever changing fast paced world. Bless her with courage, strength, good health and a happy heart to perform this ministry with excellence. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Minister Mary McNeil was appointed Minister for Children and Family Development on March 14, 2011. Before that, she served as Minister of Citizen Services from June 11, 2010 to March 14, 2011. She previously served as Minister of State for The Olympics and Actnow BC.

Minister McNeil was elected MLA for Vancouver-False Creek in the 2009 general provincial election.

Most recently, Mary served as president and CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation for eight years. She has served in key roles for international economic events including the G7 meetings in Halifax and Toronto, APEC in Vancouver and the XI international conference on AIDS. Mary has also served on the Vancouver Police Board for four years.

Mary was born and educated in Vancouver and has lived in Yaletown for 11 years with her husband of 38 years, Rod. She has raised four daughters and currently has eleven grandchildren.

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