Thursday, March 1, 2012

MLA: Kash Heed - Vancouver-Fraserview

Father, we are thankful for the leadership that MLA: Kash Heed has shown to the communities of the Lower Mainland and to all communities in British Columbia.  We ask for Your divine wisdom and guidance for him as he works on behalf of all his constituents.  We pray a supernatural blessing upon both him and his family and ask that You would continue to give him health and strength today and each day to come. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Kash Heed was appointed Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General on June 10, 2009.

Minister Heed was elected MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview in the 2009 general provincial election.

Kash graduated from the B.C. Police Academy in 1979 and has spent the past 30 years serving the public in law enforcement.

Kash began his career as an officer with the Vancouver Police Department where he moved through the ranks of Constable, Detective, Sergeant, Inspector and Superintendent. During this same time, he completed his BA and MA at Simon Fraser University part-time.

While Superintendent in charge of the south part of Vancouver, and as an Inspector in the southeast quadrant of Vancouver he created the Gang Violence Task Force.

Heed was also head of the drug squad, led the Indo-Canadian gang task force and launched the COMPSTAT system, using computer technology to track crime.

In 2007, Kash was appointed Chief of the West Vancouver Police Department.

Kash lives in Richmond with his wife and new daughter.

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