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MLA: Dave S. Hayer - Surrey-Tynehead

Father, it is a privilege to come before You in prayer. We are thankful for the freedom to work, serve and worship You in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Lord, our province is a better place because of the service of people like MLA: Dave Hayer and we thank You for him and ask for Your blessing on him and the work he does in so many areas. Multiply his time, renew his energy and grant him favour with the many people he meets and works with each day as he serves the constituents in his riding and in his many roles in government. Bless Dave with wisdom and guide him each day. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Dave S. Hayer was first elected to the BC Legislature as MLA for the riding of Surrey-Tynehead in the 2001 provincial general election and was re-elected in 2005 and 2009.

Dave is a member of the Cabinet Committee for Families First, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, the Select Standing Committee on Health and the Convener of the Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives as well as acting as Deputy Chair of Committee of Supply, as required throughout session.

Dave formerly served as the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism and Immigration from 2005 -2011, where he worked closely with the Minister of Science and Universities and the Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development, which was responsible for the Provincial Nominee Program.

Dave previously worked with the Attorney General of British Columbia, the Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development and various Ministers of Citizens' Services and Ministers Responsible for Multiculturalism and the Public Affairs Bureau.

Dave has also served as Chair of the Surrey Caucus; Caucus Liaison for the Minister of State for Mental Health and Addictions Services; vice-chair of the Caucus Committee for Asian Economic Development; member of the Government Caucus Committee on Multiculturalism and Diversity and the Government Caucus Committee on Health; member of the Cabinet Committee on Environment and Resource Development for the Ministry of Skills Development and Labour and Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management; member of the Select Standing Committees on Finance and Government Services, member of the Select Standing Committees on Education, member of the Select Standing Committee on Health, member of the Select Standing Committee on Parliamentary Reform, Ethical Conduct, Standing Orders and Private Bills and member of the Select Standing Committees on Aboriginal Affairs; the Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; member of the Government Caucus Committee on Government Operations, Select Standing Committee member on Crown Corporations and Caucus Liaison for the Minister of State for Intermediate, Long Term and Home Care.

In 2007, Dave received a prestigious award from the Government of India. The Pravasi Bharatia Samman Award is annually given to people of Indian heritage, no longer living in India, who have achieved excellence in their chosen fields of endeavour. Dave was presented with the award by the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, at a ceremony in New Delhi, India on January 9, 2007 for his "active leadership in the community, his contributions to public service and for his achievements in government".

At the presentation ceremony, Dave was described as a "great friend of India” as having been a strong voice in the Indo-Canadian community against terrorism and violence". He was the only Canadian among 15 people to receive the Pravasi Bharatia Samman Award that year and to date Dave is only the second Canadian to be presented with this honour.

In 2008 Dave was selected by the Vancouver Sun as one of the 100 top most influential Canadians of South Asian descent making a difference in BC. Dave is also a recipient of the Rotary Club of Surrey's Paul Harris Fellow award. A Paul Harris Fellowship is "recognition of exceptional service" to the community and to the world. In addition, Dave is a recipient of the Golden Jubilee medal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of Her Majesty’s Reign as Queen of Canada.

Before his election to public office, Dave was a Surrey businessperson, Assistant Publisher of the Indo-Canadian Times, Kwantlen University College Governor, real estate agent, and worked in the restaurant, newspaper, construction, transportation and forestry industries. In addition, Dave has worked as a labourer in a steel factory and during his teenage years worked on farms, in greenhouses, in a grocery store and even delivered both the Sun and Province newspapers.

Dave also served as the General Manager of the Canadian Accounting Aggregates Public Accountants from 1983 to 1988, following which he joined the Indo-Canadian Times.

Dave earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in 1982 and during 1981 and 1982 he completed taxation and Executive Management courses at the University of British Columbia. He also attended Douglas College from 1977 to 1979 and completed the Tax Course at BCIT.

Dave's current involvements include membership in: the Rotary Club of Surrey, Whalley Royal Canadian Legion, Surrey Board of Trade and the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce an honorary member of the Vancouver Board of Trade and Simon Fraser University’s India Advisory Council which supports SFU's strategic initiatives in India and engagement with BC's Indo-Canadian diaspora.

Some previous community and business involvements include: Rotary Club of Surrey president (1999-2000); Surrey Community Crime Prevention Society president (1995-96); Surrey Chamber of Commerce president (1996-97); BC Chamber of Commerce director (1999-2001); Vancouver Board of Trade Small Business Council member (1995-2000); Indo-Canadian Business Association vice-president (1993-2000); Ethnic Press Association of BC vice-president (1994-99); City of Surrey Economic Development Strategy Advisory Committee member (1995-2000); South Fraser Child Development Centre Christmas Party chair (1988-2001); and Surrey & White Rock Home Support Association director (94-95). As well, Dave created the Surrey Police Officer of the Year Awards and initiated the building of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce (now Board of Trade) Building.

Dave Sukhdip Singh Hayer was born in 1958 in India. He moved to Surrey with his family in 1972 and has lived in the Surrey Guildford, Tynehead and Fraser Heights areas since 1976. He and Isabelle Martinez, whom he married in 1981, have four children. Dave enjoys working on community projects, reading, swimming and walking.


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