Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MLA: Rob Fleming

Photo of MLAToday we pray for Rob Fleming. As Chair of the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts, we ask for wisdom and discernment over the finances of our Provincial Government and the clear and correct accounting reporting to its citizenry. We ask for God's strategies as he speaks into the tourism sector which is currently experiencing hardship due the global economic financial shakeup. May he be given insights into the whole arena of Advanced Education as we seek to provide post graduate studies of the highest and most excellent standards. We bless and honour his commitment to be a representative for the people and may God shield Rob and his wife Maura and family from the stresses and strains of public service.

Rob Fleming was elected on May 17, 2005 as the MLA for Victoria-Hillside, and re-elected on May 12, 2009 as the MLA for the re-configured constituency of Victoria-Swan Lake.
Rob serves as opposition critic for Environment.
Rob served as critic for post-secondary and sat as chair of the legislature’s Public Accounts committee.
Rob served two terms as a Victoria City Councilor before his election to the legislature. He chaired the city’s finance committee and represented Victoria at the Capital Regional District, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, the Capital Housing Corporation and Tourism Victoria. 
Rob has been involved in a number of community organizations, including the Work Place, the Veins of Life Watershed Society, and the Victoria Cool Aid Society Foundation.
Rob received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Victoria and has worked in research and communications.
Rob lives in Victoria with his wife Maura and daughter Rory. He is a dedicated soccer fan and player, and an avid user of Victoria's parks and beaches.

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