Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MLA: Hon. Ida Chong

Photo of MLA Lord, we come to you today for the Hon. Ida Chong.

Father, we pray that you will fill her with divine wisdom. We ask that she will have insight into the Kingdom of Heaven in British Columbia: That her words in Cabinet Meetings will reflect your Kingdom, and that all who are seated there will hear and begin to grasp what she is saying, and their responsibilities to this view. We ask this whether she is addressing her own portfolio, or sitting in meetings on other matters. We ask that through her, your influence will spread through our Provincial government and into the fibre of how we do things here in British Columbia.

We also ask that you will protect her from her enemies and those who would work against your will: That her words will be seen to be truth and will overcome.

We ask that through her, Jesus, you will be glorified.

Ida Chong was re-elected to represent the riding Oak Bay–Gordon Head in the 2009 election. On June 10, 2009, she was appointed to serve as Minister of Healthy Living and Sport.
Minister Chong’s previous cabinet portfolios include Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development, Minister Responsible for the Asia-Pacific Initiative, Minister of Community Services, Minister of Advanced Education and Minister of State for Women’s and Seniors’ Services. In addition to her role as Minister, she also served on the Cabinet Committee for Climate Action and B.C.’s Treasury Board.
A native of greater Victoria, Minister Chong has represented her constituency of Oak Bay-Gordon Head since she first entered provincial politics in 1996. During her first term at the legislature she was the Official Opposition critic in a number of areas, including critic for Small Business and Deputy Critic of Finance.
Minister Chong has been involved in her community for years – volunteering for a number of not-for-profit groups and serving as municipal councilor for the District of Saanich, from 1993-1996.
For nearly 20 years, she was senior partner in an accounting practice based in Saanich, catering to small and medium sized enterprises. While no longer in active practice, she proudly retains her credentials as a Certified General Accountant, having won a number of awards for her work in this field, including being named in 2006, a Fellow of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, a national designation for exemplary service.

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