Thursday, June 7, 2012

MLA: Adrian Dix - Vancouver-Kingsway

Dearest Heavenly Father, as MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway and Leader of the Opposition in the BC Legislature, we ask Your guiding hand and Spirit of Wisdom to rest upon MLA: Adrian Dix.  We pray that Your plans and goals would be contended for through MLA Dix and that he would be an instrument for blessing to our province.  Surround him with men and women of good counsel and may the decisions he makes and the direction he gives be integral and in line with Your Word.  Bless him with an uplifted and refreshed spirit.  We ask this in Jesus’ Name.

Adrian Dix was elected Leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party on April 17, 2011.

Adrian Dix was re-elected as MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway on May 12, 2009. He was first elected to the Legislature on May 17, 2005.

Adrian has extensive experience as a non-profit director, education community leader, government strategist and media commentator.

For the past five years, Adrian travelled the province as Executive Director of Canadian Parents for French – BC & Yukon Branch, a non-profit organization promoting language education.

Adrian is a commentator on public policy whose regular columns were published in the Victoria Times-Colonist and The Source, a Vancouver multicultural newspaper. Over the past five years, he was regularly called upon to present views on public policy issues for local, provincial, national and international media.

Adrian also served as the Chief of Staff to Premier Glen Clark from 1996 to 1999.

Adrian grew up in Vancouver, graduated from University of British Columbia and now lives in the Collingwood neighbourhood.

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