Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PrayBC - Olympic Prayer Guide - Day 13

One True God

Countries from around the world gather to compete to determine whose athletes are the best. In dozens of competitions, numerous countries and all the major world religions will be well represented. Athletes will compete for a medal and a rank, but Christians will be fighting for much more. Many of the athletes will never have heard about Christ from a Christian. They will have been taught inaccurate and false information regarding Christ, Christians, the Bible, and the essence of Christianity. Some athletes will give glory to Allah, others to their local gods, but the Christian will be bringing glory to the Lord of lords and the King of kings. They will embody the living Lord, the Creator and Sustainer of all.

As they stand beside athletes from around the world, Christ is demonstrating His love through them. As they compete against people who worship other gods and bow down to idols, they have the Spirit of the living God drawing people to Himself through them.

Prayer: Pray that Christians “let their light so shine before men that they will see their good works and glorify their Father in Heaven.”
City Venues

M/W Curling
M/W Short Track Speed Skating
W Aerial Freestyle Skiing
M Ice Hockey
W Speed Skating

Whistler Venues
W Giant Slalom Alpine Skiing
M Cross Country Skiing
W Bobsleigh

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