Sunday, February 14, 2010

PrayBC - Olympic Prayer Guide - Day 3

“I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28).

Every muscle aching, physically and emotionally exhausted, pushed beyond your limits, and drained of every ounce of energy is the life of a competitive athlete. There is satisfaction in seeing the small improvements, the minute gains, and the established goals being achieved. Fighting spiritual battles; going to war with the enemy; standing against persecution, discrimination, and oppression; guarding your heart and life—that’s the life of a believer. There is satisfaction in seeing more patience, greater wisdom, and people being drawn to Christ step-by-step.

In the midst of the battle, we can rest in the Lord knowing we are dead center in His will, being faithful to our call and obedient to his bidding. The physical exertion, the spiritual energy, the body and soul working together in the kingdom of God—that is when we are truly alive in Christ. True rest comes only after energy is expended. The rest Christ gives us rejuvenates the soul and the body and re-energizes us for the next effort we face. It brings hope for the future and joy to the heart.

Don’t come to Christ for rest until you have first expended the energy; then He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Prayer: Father, though there is much to do, let me rest in You and restore the joy of my salvation today.

City Venues

Pairs Figure Skating
M Moguls
W Ice Hockey
W Speed Skating

Whistler Venues
W Alpine Skiing
M Nordic Combined
M Biathlon
M Luge
Used by permission, courtesy Blackaby Ministries

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