Saturday, February 27, 2010

PrayBC - Olympic Prayer Guide - Day 16

Being Salt

Salt is one of the most used minerals in every culture around the world. It is used because of the impact it has on what it touches. It may be used to dry and preserve meat in areas where there is no refrigeration. It may be used to flavor food to be more palatable. It may be used to clear ice from roads or used in chemical processes. But whatever the use, it causes a change in whatever it is put on, put in, or put around!

It was no wonder Christ used salt to describe the impact He wanted His followers to have on people around them. Salt is very versatile and has many uses and many different kinds of reactions, just like God’s people. We are gifted by God’s Spirit differently to have many different uses and impact people in many different ways. But there is always a change in whatever salt is put on, or in, or around. What believers need to ask
themselves is this: “What impact is my life having on those around me? What difference do I make in people’s lives when I am with them?”

If you are not having much of an impact, it is not because you have not been equipped properly by God’s Spirit, it is because you are not functioning in the way He intended for you to function. When salt is used as it is intended, it can have tremendous benefits. But when it is used improperly, it can cause pain, damage, destruction, and deterioration. When believers are not functioning as God intended them to function in His kingdom, they also can cause great damage, pain, and destruction.

A little salt adds needed flavor, but too much salt will make the food inedible.

Prayer: Pray and ask God to show you if your life is having a positive impact on others or causing a negative impact. Then ask God to help you function in the way He created you to function in His kingdom.

City Venues
M Bronze & Gold Medal Curling
Exhibition Gala Figure Skating
M Snowboard
M Bronze Medal Hockey

Whistler Venues
M Slalom Alpine Skiing
W Cross-Country Skiing
M Bobsleigh

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