Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympic Prayer Devotional - Day 2

Discipline, Duty, or Desire

We are creatures of habit. Some habits are great, and some habits are destructive. Routines, habits, and duties can be fulfilled almost unconsciously. You drive to work and can’t remember a single detail of your journey when you arrive. You went through the automatic motions of driving and arriving safely but were not personally engaged along the journey. This can happen in our walk with God as well. When we are distracted by life’s challenges and challenged by life’s distractions, we can go through the entire day without any personal engagement with God. We read the Bible, prayed a quick prayer, and went through the motions, but never truly opened our hearts to the personal aspect of our relationship with God.

When you change your discipline and duty to desiring God and His Spirit’s filling in your life, you will live an inspired life that is engaged every moment of your journey. Instead of going through the motions, you will see God at work all around you in everything you do and everywhere you go. Determine to let the Spirit guide you today to be aware of His presence and His activity, so you will not miss a heartbeat of His will for your life. Spend each moment with a conscious awareness of God, and you will be astonished at what He has in mind to do through you today. Can you truly say you are serving the Lord today out of a heart’s desire to love Him, or is there some other reason? Service from love is a joy, not a burden.

Prayer: Father, help me love You more today than ever before in my life, and let my service to You be a joy, not a burden.

City Venues

M/W Short Track Speed Skating
W Moguls
W Ice Hockey
M Speed Skating

Whistler Venues
M Downhill Skiing
M Individual Ski Jumping
W Biathlon
M Luge

Used by permission courtesy of of Blackaby Ministries and More Than Gold

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