Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PrayBC - Olympic Prayer Guide - Day 6

The Spirit’s Power

Long distance runners face a perilous challenge as they compete. There comes a point in the race where all the stored energy they have received from eating and drinking is completely used up, and the body begins to consume itself for fuel in order to finish the race. Energy literally comes from within one’s own self to reach the goal. As believers, we have the indwelling Spirit of God to provide our spiritual source of power. To achieve anything of significance in the kingdom of God, we have to quickly come to the end of our own self and begin drawing on the inner power of the Spirit to accomplish the goals set before us.

Depending on our own strength will only take us so far in God’s work, but accessing the power of God in us will take us to the goal and beyond because the goal is never the end; it is only the beginning of another effort God has planned for us. In God’s kingdom, there is continuous motion, constant effort, and unceasing activity as He continues to draw those in darkness towards the light. Without the sustaining power of His Spirit in us, none of this is possible. When Paul said, “for me to live is Christ,” he was not only identifying with His Lord
but indicating the source of his life and the energy behind his efforts in the kingdom.

Prayer: Father, reveal to me if I have been doing Your work on my own power instead of Yours. Show me how to utilize Your power in my life and let You work through me to accomplish Your work.

City Venues:
M/W Curling
M/W Short Track Speed Skating
M Halfpipe Snowboard
W/M Ice Hockey
M Speed Skating

Whistler Venues
W Downhill Alpine Skiing
M/W Cross-Country Skiing Sprint
Doubles Luge

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